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Edward Green Puts ‘Smart’ into Smart-Casual


With the cooler winter months here, the focus for casual dressing shifts. Summer sandals and light loafers are banished to the back of the wardrobe, and in come designs such as the stylish Audley, from famous British shoemaker Edward Green.

The brand was established in Northampton in 1890, becoming a favourite with royalty and is still acclaimed today for the construction and the look of its footwear. The Audley single-strap monk design is based on Edward Green’s new 915 ”last”, acclaimed by aficionados for its graceful almond-shaped toe and very English look. The result is a modern yet timeless look that is perfect for fashion-forward men who understand the true meaning of “smart-casual”, with the emphasis on “smart”.

Single-strap monk shoes are more laid back than the double-strap style, and look great with well-cut jeans or chinos; on the other hand, the streamlined look means they can also be worn with more formal outfits, too, such as a navy suit.

Tassels is presenting the Audley shoe in burgundy calf, along with a belt in the same material, at its LANDMARK store.

Edward Green Audley Burgundy calf (HK$ 9,000),
Edward Green Calf belt Burgundy calf (HK$ 2,600)